Follow the Rainbow DIY Project for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is an exciting holiday to decorate for! We love the green, gold and back combination that comes with our celebration of leprechauns and all things Irish.

We’ve created a fun DIY project to add a little color to your St. Paddy’s Decor. The Follow the Rainbow DIY is based off the idea of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and uses colorful ribbon wands (that you can take out and use!) to create a beautiful rainbow.

This project is so easy and looks super cute. Try it out!

For this project, you need a large mason jar, chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, a white chalk pen, twine, and ribbon wands in all the colors of the rainbow!

Step one is to paint the mason jar with the chalkboard paint. We gave ours two coats to make sure the paint was very opaque. Fortunately, the chalkboard paint dries quickly! Let the first coat become dry to the touch before applying the second coat.

Once your jar is painted and dry, the next steps will use the twine and the chalk pen!

Take your painted jar and wrap the twine around the lid. We wrapped it around a couple times to make it stand out more.

Finally, take your chalk pen and draw a four-leaf clover on the front!

Place your rainbow ribbon wands in the ‘pot of gold’ to finish the craft. Now you’ve made your rainbow leading to your pot of gold!

The colors in these rainbow ribbons wands are so bright and fun! Perfect for a festive holiday like St. Patrick’s Day.

Did you like this Follow the Rainbow DIY project? Let us know what you want to see next in the comments below!

Here are the products we used for this project:

Black Chalkboard Paint

White Chalk Pen

Jute Twine Roll

Orange Ribbon Wands

Blue Lace Ribbon Wands

Green Lace Ribbon Wands

Pink Lace Ribbon Wands

Red Lace Ribbon Wands

Purple Lace Ribbon Wands