Fitted Tablecloths

black fitted tablecloths

In our modern times, fashion trends have veered toward sleek, slim and slick styles. We cut our suits and dresses to fit ourselves perfectly, and for a good reason. It just looks good. That is the idea behind LinenTablecloth’s fitted tablecloths: a sleek, modern looking table linen that is perfect for trade shows, product launches, and even weddings, especially the dessert tables. With the rectangular fitted tablecloth, you are ensured an elegant, chic and professional look that is sure to impress.


fitted tablecloth sweetheart table

A white four foot fitted tablecloth is great for a sweetheart table.


Absolutely perfect for display tables, the fitted tablecloth is the leading choice for caterers, tradeshows, and conventions. The linens are cut to give a nice flat top with a straight drop that won’t puddle. This style will make any drab rectangle table into a classy and tasteful display table. No other tablecloth can achieve this level of professionalism for such an affordable price.


black fitted tablecloths

Modern and chic, the black fitted tablecloth is perfect for formal parties.


Designed with the conventioneer in mind, our fitted tablecloths have vertical slits attached with Velcro in one corner for ease of access to underneath the table. Not only does this make draping the tablecloth easier, but it lets you discreetly yet conveniently store extra supplies out of view. Keep accessories within arms reach while keep your presentation sleek and elegant. Stash emergency linens and napkins under there, or maybe an extra snack just for you!


6 foot fitted burgundy tablecloth

Our fitted tablecloths come in seven colors, including burgundy! A six foot fitted tablecloth is pictured above.


So, if you are trying to get that modern, sleek and trim look, then fitted tablecloths are just what you need. LinenTablecloth has three available sizes that will fit the most commonly used rectangular tables, and with seven colors to choose from, our tablecloths are sure to fit your display. Don’t get stuck with bulky and loose tablecloths, make sure to order your fitted tablecloths today!


white fitted tablecloth with ribbons

fitted tablecloth with pink rectangular tablecloth as overlay

We outfitted our dessert table with a fitted tablecloth with both ribbons (top) and a pink rectangular tablecloth as an overlay (bottom)


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