Fall Wedding Inspiration: Pumpkin

pumpkin boutonniere and pumpkin napkins on white tablecloth

Pumpkin is a color that is synonymous with Fall. As autumn winds down, the once lush leaves change color into a rich and vibrant orange. Pumpkin patches start sprouting up in farms, and the smell of pumpkin pie is always in the air. Bring the sensation of Fall to your wedding with highlights of pumpkin, or be brave and use the strong color of pumpkin as your main attraction. Would you use pumpkin in a Fall wedding?


pumpkin boutonneire and pumpkin napkins on white tablecloth

Pumpkin-colored boutonniere  / Pumpkin napkins accent a rectangular white tablecloth (Snippet & Ink)

pumpkin colored earrings

Pumpkin colored earrings from Thomas Laine

pumpkin round tablecloth

A pumpkin 120 inch round tablecloth is a great way to decorate a fall wedding (image source)

pumpkin colored wedding invitations

Pumpkin-colored wedding invitations from Envelopments

pumpkin sashes and fuchsia sashes white chair covers

Fuchsia and pumpkin sashes create a splash of color for these tables (image source)

pumpkin sashes and white chair covers

The white tablecloths and chair covers are accented by pumpkin sashes (Every Last Detail)

pumpkin shawl and bouquet

Pumpkin colored shawl and bouquet (Every Last Detail)

pumpkin table runner on white tablecloth

A pumpkin table runner is offset by the yellow from the floral and menus (Extraordinary)

satin pumpkin chair covers

The shine of pumpkin satin tablecloths shines in brilliant elegance in this venue