An Exquisite Flower Wreath!

Flower Wreath cover photo

Mother’s Day is this weekend and what better way to show your mother you care than with an exquisite homemade gift? We put together the steps to make a quick and easy floral wreath for mom. She will love hanging this on her door and will think of you every time she sees it! Customize the wreath with your mom’s favorite colors and flowers for a personal touch.


– Hydrangeas in your choice of colors
– 16″ Green Foam Wreath
– Wire Cutters


Step 1

Step 1. Trim the stems of the flowers. Leave roughly 5” of stem on the flower.

Step 2 flower wreath blog

Step 2. Mark on your wreath form the layout of the flowers. We chose a three color ombre layout starting at white and ending at blue. We divided the wreath into three equal parts. Starting with your lightest color, begin inserting the stems of the flowers into the foam wreath. Make sure that the flowers look nice and full. Avoid any gaps between the stems. Once you have filled the space for your lightest color, repeat step two with your remaining colors. When finished you will have a beautiful lush wreath!

Flower Wreath

Baby Blue Hydrangea Baby Blue Hydrangea