Ever Wonder How We Do It?

At LinenTablecloth we strive to offer our guests the best possible service. Whether it be the high quality linens, our low prices, or our dedicated office staff that is constantly hard at work making our site, its features and our products even better! And of course our warehouse staff, the workforce full of hard working people that strive to make sure you have your product how you want it, and when you need it!



But not everyone is satisfied with just that. Have you ever been a part of the crowd that wonders how the whole process comes to fruition? Ever wanted to know how our table linens are made and delivered to you?  Did you know that our factories are all located on the other side of the world?! It’s an amazing concept, and our new video on our YouTube Channel shows you just how it’s done.


It’s a very nice visual of the steps that are involved in obtaining the final result. From the initial creation, through shipping it overseas, all the way down to delivering it from the warehouse: we do it all for you!


Updated by Marble on 1/29/2013