Event Layout Planning Tool

Event layout plan completed

Planning a wedding or special event is an extremely detail oriented and time consuming task. This is particularly true when you decide against using a wedding planner or event coordinator. An ever growing demographic of potential brides are choosing the do-it-yourself (DIY Wedding) method. Whether to save money, have total creative control, or a combination thereof, this method can be very rewarding. While it may also be overwhelming, LinenTablecloth has some great tools to help get you pointed in the right direction.


Generally, the first task is to determine how many guests you would like to attend. Next, decide on the venue you would like your wedding or special event to be held. Now that you have settled on a venue, and have the dimensions of the venue, it’s time to start planning the layout. The event layout planning tool at LinenTablecloth is an amazing place to start.

Event layout planner

 Event Layout Planning Tool at LinenTablecloth


The user interface of the event layout planning tool is extremely easy to use. First, enter the size of the venue in feet into the “Room Size” field. Next, simply pick the first table size you would like to start with. Right click on the table image, hold the right click then drag and drop it to the location you see fit. If you would like to rotate the table just click on the blue circle directly above the table and move your mouse in the direction you would like the table to rotate. You will notice a pop up window appear when you place each table. ¬†This is where you can choose how many seats you would like at each table as well as label each table in the text field. There’s also an option for zero seats, which allows you to account for display tables, cake tables, etc. Once you feel comfortable with your layout plan you can print it using the “Print Your Layout” option in the menu section at the top left of the screen. Here is an example of a finished event layout:

Event layout plan completed

Completed Event Layout Plan


The event layout planning tool is also a great reference point when trying to determine what tablecloths and other decor you will need. This tool will simplify the planning process and make it a lot less stressful. This is just one of the DIY tools featured at LinenTablecloth. If you would like something a bit more visual check out our video tutorial entitled “How to use the LinenTablecloth Event Layout Planning Tool.” Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts featuring other tools guaranteed to make your life easier. Happy planning!