Enjoy Simplicity

Cover photo Minimalist Tablescape

We always enjoy the use of intricate place settings, but we can also appreciate a minimalist table design. If you look at any tablescape inspiration online, you will often see a busy array of detailed table scheme. Have you ever scrolled past an image of an elaborate table setting and wondered “how in the world does anyone actually eat off of this?” Sometimes these over-the-top tablescapes aren’t as practical as they are pretty, and they leave no room to stretch out as you embark on a meal. A maximalist tablescape is always nice for impressing guests, but when you’re wanting to really eat, minimalism is the way to go. This week’s minimalist tabletop was designed with your desire to spread out while maintaining a nice appearance in mind.

In this week’s arrangement, we started off with a monotone color scheme of gray complemented by strategically placed swatches of navy blue. The foundation is of this composition is started off with our elegant 90 x 132 inch Charcoal Rectangular Shantung Silk Tablecloth.

Minimalist Tablescape

From there we created a nice contrast with white modular square plates as base plates. Accompanied by those plates are square bowls, placed at a 45-degree angle to provide a more dynamic presentation. To direct your eye back to the plate setting, we situated our luxurious 18 inch Navy Blue Shantung Silk Napkins over the bottom plate to establish a high contrast between the stark white vessels and rich navy blue.

For a slightly elevated look, we chose to utilize 3 of our gleaming 14 inch Silver Taper Candle Holders that highlight the beautiful silverware set. To balance the heightened candle holders, we used clear glass candle holders with blue glass pebbles placed inside.

A white candle rests on top of the pebbles with a navy blue ribbon wrapped around the candle holder to finish off this minimalist tablescape.