Emergency Kits for Weddings

(Inspired by Lisa of Events By Lisa Marie’s blog that originally appeared here.)


Nothing is perfect, especially during weddings. Unexpected things happen, whether it’s a minor detail or something that needs a serious fix. This is why it is always wise to be prepared for the unknown. How to beat it? Months before your wedding or special celebration, start putting together your emergency kits and have them all in a reliable bag that you can easily grab.


When putting your kit together, we recommend getting an inexpensive tub or tote with a locking top and handle to carry it. To get you started, pool all these basic necessities. This emergency kit has most of the items you will need to get you through your day.


Emergency Kits for Weddings: Bathroom, Extras, Sewing and Children's

The Basic Kit
2 bottles of water, 2 protein/granola bars, 1 package of almonds
1 bottle pain reliever, 1 basic first aid kit
1 bottle unscented lotion, 1 toothbrush/ toothpaste
1 bottle mouthwash, 1 package of Kleenex
1 package bobby pins, 1 package of hair ties
1 bottle hair spray, 1 package safety pins
1 travel sized sewing kit, 1 stain remover stick (example, Tide Stick)
1 lint roller


Lisa suggests that you don’t stop here. As a wedding planning expert,  she makes sure that for every wedding, she has prepared very extensive kits. “As as we set up and manage your day, there are a lot of little things that may happen and need to be taken care of. So over the last 5 years our kits have continued to grow,” says Lisa.


First is what she calls the Bathroom Kit. Then the others are the sewing kit and extras kit. They all come in easy to carry boxes with reliable handles.


Bathroom Kit
3 tampons & 2 pads, 6 disposable toothbrushes
1 package of cough drops, 1 package sore throat relief spray or throat lozenges
1 bottle Aleve or any pain reliever, 1 bottle of Tylenol (in case some people can’t have one or the other)
1 bottle unscented lotion, 1 Dove Powder Deodorant
1 package oil blotters, 1 package Kleenex
1 package puff pads, 1 package of each black & tan hair ties
1 dental floss, 1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 package bobby pins, 1 tub of toothpaste
1 tub of clear gloss, 1 bottle of Visine
1 bottle of baby powder, 1 package of Tums
1 3-different-sized mirrors, 1 eyeshadow applicator
1 bottle of hair spray, 1 manicure set
1 travel shampoo & conditioner, 1 razor & shave cream

Sewing Kit
1 full travel sewing kits with 20 different colors of thread, sissors, needles, pins, and more
1 hot glue gun and glue sticks, 1 bottle of gold safety pins (2 different sizes)
1 bottle of silver safety pins (2 different sizes), 1 package Deodorant Removing Sponges
1 package of fabric glues, 1 package of Body Tape (to stick your dress to you)
1 package of fashion tape (for your dress), 1 Lint Roller
1 bottle of boutonniere pins, 1 package of Kleenex
1 Tide Stick, 1 package Shout Wipes

1 package of straws for the bride, 1 package Wet Ones
1 package Lysol Wipes, 1 package of clear 3M hooks to hang things with
1 pair of scissors, 1 tin of altoids, 1 package of first aide gloves
1 first aid kit, 10 packets of Spark (sugar-free energy drink)
3 packets of peanuts, 4 granola bars, 3 lighters
3 pens, 1 picture hanging set, 1 roll of fishing line
1 roll of regular and double sided tape, 1 roll of scrapbook tape
1 package dry erase markers, 10 table stands
1 staple gun, 1 package of chalk, 3 nice pens
1 hammer, 10 nails, 1 multi-use screwdriver
10 screws, 1 wire cutter


Lastly, the kit that will help with entertaining the younger crowd during the reception. According to Lisa, her shop keeps a minimum of 10 coloring kits. “These kits include a small coloring book, stickers and a small packet of crayons. We have found that often times after dinner the younger kids need something to keep them busy. This gives them something to sit and do so that their parents can relax and have a little bit of fun as well. This is something that is always in our kits so it is just an added bonus to our client,” she stressed.


You can customize these kits, depending on your need. You can add ribbon in case you some more for your wedding decor, bug spray or sunscreen. If it’s a night event, bring an extra supply of candles. Just a few examples on how to make your wedding free from whatever unwanted event that may take place.