The power of email is unbeatable.

For those of you that love email and effectiveness, we’ve got plenty of e-mail boxes to suit all of your contact needs. – For all matters relating to the blog, this is the address you would send to. But you can really send anything you want here; I love talking to people, and I’m not afraid to make a new friend just because this is my job 🙂 – This is our all-purpose customer service email. Send an email here, and everybody in the department will be able to see it. This way you can bet you’ll get a response fairly soon (unless we’re really backed up with emails!). I do not work in general customer service; I will not see any emails sent here. – This is the same as the above email, but is for business accounts (we have different people working this email that know this area better). If you’re have a business account of any kind (usually small businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, schools, etc.), this is where you would send a message.

returns@linentablecloth – In the event that you need to return something, whether it is because you don’t like the product, received the wrong products, or changed your mind, this is where you would submit an inquiry. Send in a message that best describes your situation and you’ll get a return approval as soon as possible.

eBay Customer Service – Not exactly an email, but if you follow that link right there you’ll be taken to our eBay store. From there, you can click the “Contact Member” on the left side, a little ways below our picture. You’ll have to log in, and then you’ll be able to contact our eBay manager! Please remember that this contact is solely for the purpose of serving our Ebay customers.

Amazon Customer Service – Same as Ebay, simply click the “Seller Help” tab toward the top and then click Contact Customer Service. From there you may sign in and submit an inquiry for whatever reason and it will go directly to our Amazon manager’s inbox! Just as with eBay, please remember that this contact option is solely for matters concerning Amazon.