Winter Wedding Inspiration: Eggplant and Silver

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Eggplant and Silver Wedding Inspiration

Eggplant is a versatile color that is most commonly used in fall and winter weddings, but can also be used in spring if paired with a bright color like coral. Dark-hued, sophisticated, and complex, eggplant is just a step away from purple, but even that small step makes a world of difference. Eggplant is a more unique, perhaps even more mature color than purple. When paired with shimmering silver, the mature and elegance of eggplant meets the glamour of silver to form a perfect color palette for winter weddings!

eggplant and silver wedding inspiration board

Decorating tablescapes with eggplant and silver makes for complicated tablescapes with high contrast. Try using eggplant tablecloths with silver napkins, centerpieces, and maybe an overlay or table runner to top it all off. Silver chair covers with an eggplant chair cover sash makes an excellent addition to the overall look of a wedding venue and the eggplant sash will look marvelous on a silver backdrop. Pairing any color with silver works especially well because it means that the silverware will blend perfectly with any color scheme.

Eggplant and silver wedding ideas board

Using silver as the dominant color and eggplant as a secondary works well, too. Start with a silver tablecloth and chair covers, then use eggplant as an accent with some eggplant napkins and chair cover sashes. As for a centerpiece? A full, robust bouquet of eggplant flowers exudes refinement!

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