Edible Wedding Favors

Edible Wedding Favors: Bride and Groom Cookie from Beau-coup

Wedding favors today are at the forefront of customized or do it yourself wedding trends. Cute and dainty, these gifts are handed to guests as tokens of appreciation for gracing the couple’s special day with their presence. Modern wedding designs also use these party favors as reception table accents, usually complementing the wedding linen ensemble. Beautiful as they are, the common issue with them though is that–more often than not–what’s inside favor boxes are items that guests don’t find any use for. How to make them inviting enough, for people to keep them, is a challenge. Well, finding the fix for that is easy.


Edible Wedding Favors: Cookies and Tea Bags


The adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” gives away the answer. Or through his sweet tooth. That’s right! Sweeten the way you say thank you and you will find that flavorful favors will be well-received at your wedding. Who can say no to homemade treats or cookies that used grandma’s recipes? No one.


Another excuse to go the “tasty route” is that it’s one perfect way to personalize your wedding. Did you meet at a cafe? Use coffee beans as wedding giveaway. Or do you both share some love for tea? Buy green teabags and pick a unique wedding favor packaging for them. It’s that simple. If satin or organza bags can’t deliver the look you’re looking for, try truffle boxes or chalkboard white tin pails. You have plenty of options. Make delectable treats such as cookies and chocolate bars at home with mom or friends and you’re in for some golden bonding moment.


Edible Wedding Favors: Seeds, Chocolates and Nuts


If you’re too busy with your DIY planning or scouring the web for wedding inspiration, you can always buy party favors online. We’ve listed below some edible wedding favor ideas that will allow your guests to walk away from the event with a memento that will make them say, “Everything about this wedding is tastefully done.


Tuxedo and Dress Wedding Cake Cookie


Edible Wedding Favors: Bride and Groom Cookie from Beau-coup


2-Tier Mini Hand Decorated Oreo Cookie Cake


Edible Wedding Favors: 2-Tier Mini Hand Decorated Oreo Cookie Cake


Sparkling Cider Mini Bottles


Edible Favors for Weddings: Sparkling Cider Mini Bottles


Personalized Cupcake Mix


Edible Wedding Favors: Personalized Cupcake Mix


Black Cherry Cocoa Nib Caramels

Candies and Caramel Bars as Edible Wedding Favors | From Green Bride Guide


Peach and Cream Lollipops

Edible Wedding Favors: Lollipops from Green Bride Guide


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Photos of Edible Favors from Beau-coup, Koyal Wholesale and Green Bride Guide.