DIY Wedding Planning: Mr Formal vs. Men’s Wearhouse

Hi Friends! This is Ian writing today. Actually, I am just trying to give Lindsay more time and space to continue with her wedding planning activities. For our wedding, I should say.


So for all  the DIY wedding planners, I have a bit of advice in the Tux Department. First is to know what you are looking for. There are many styles, patterns and colors out there and not all of them go together. In the Clackamas area, there were two places that stood out. One was Men’s Warehouse and the other was Mr. Formal. I found that at Men’s Warehouse, they were very knowledgeable about all the products they carried but had a smaller selection. I must note that they had pretty good prices also. They offer a package that gets all men $40 off of their suits/tuxes and the groom’s is actually FREE. I believe that your bride must get her dress at David’s Bridal though. Lindsay went there a few weeks ago.


DIY Wedding Tips: Choosing Grey Tuxedos for your Wedding


However, at Men’s Warehouse, I did not find my ideal tux. Found one, it was close but not exactly what I wanted. So when I traveled to Mr. Formal to see what they could do for me, to no surprise I found my perfect tux. With the help of my lovely assistant and her endless knowledge of style and fashion, we had the perfect tux in no time at all.  It was also made easy in the fact that Mr. Formal’s selection was bigger in every way.  For example, Mr. Formal had doubled the amount of different shades of grey compared to Men’s Warehouse where they only had two.  All in all, being a Groom, I was utterly impressed by the help I received at Mr. Formal and would recommend them to everyone.


PHOTO CREDITS. (L) After Six Catalina by Mr Formal. (R) Grey Tuxedo from Men’s Warehouse via The Knot.