DIY: Lace Up Your Eggs For Easter!

lace twine Easter eggs

Who knew eggs would look so good in twine and lace!? This year, try moving from the ordinary pastels into the rustic and welcoming twine eggs with lace. We have created a step by step guide for you to create your DIY Easter eggs below, so get started!

First, you will need a hot glue gun, lace ribbon, white flowers, twine, and plastic Easter eggs. This project will take you about 15 min. per egg. The trick to getting the twine perfectly glued to the egg is to cut the twine into two strings and start wrapping the first piece of twine until it gets to the middle. Then take the second piece of twine, start at the opposite end and have it meet the first twine in the middle. This way, the twine does not start bunching and slipping off the egg.

First step

To start wrapping, take the first piece of twine and glue it to the bottom but do not start wrapping until this piece is absolutely dry. Once it is dry, then start slowly applying glue in a circular pattern and sticking the twine to the glue

Keep wrapping the entire egg until you are done.

Once you are done, take your lace ribbon and wrap it around the center of the egg and glue it together with a glue gun. Add a cute white flower to the part where the lace ends meet, and you are done!

Now you have your very own Easter eggs! Let us know how yours turned out!