7 Unexpected Ways to Use Burlap in Your Wedding

Rustic themed weddings are stealing the spotlight in the wedding world! Whether it’s fall, summer, or the dead of winter, burlap is a versatile material that brings a little rustic charm to any wedding. A touch of burlap can bring feelings of warmth and coziness to venues that would otherwise feel cold and sterile. LinenTablecloth is adding burlap ribbons, runners, and tablecloths to the catalog in the near future, but the products that will be featured on our online store is just the beginning. The possibilities of using burlap for DIY wedding projects are boundless, and many bloggers have written step-by-step instructions on how to creatively integrate burlap into aspects of your wedding  that you would never have dreamed of!


1. Wedding Invitations


Let’s start from the very beginning of the wedding experience: the invitations! Carrying the rustic theme from your tablescapes to your invitations is as easy as cutting a small rectangle of material from one of our burlap ribbons. Use the square as a backdrop for the invitation, and simply attach a printed invitation to the burlap cutout with a paperclip! This is an easy and tasteful way to convey the rustic theme to your wedding to guests that doesn’t put a dent in your wedding budget! Click here to follow Nicole Neesby’s burlap invitation tutorial!

DIY Burlap Wedding Invitation


2. Bouquet


No wedding is complete without a gorgeous bouquet. But how do you choose the right colored flowers for a rustic themed wedding? Easy! Instead of worrying about when to pick up your flower arrangements,  make a bouquet with burlap! The 36th Avenue will show you exactly how to make this charming bouquet here!


DIY Wedding Burlap Bouquet


3. Ring Pillow


Yes, you can bring rustic burlap all the way to the alter with this burlap ring pillow! Your ring will stand out on top of this easy-to-make burlap ring pillow that is positively unique. Find how to make the ring pillow on The Paisley Press!


DIY burlap wedding ring pillow


4. Buntings


Making buntings out of burlap is easy to make and stylish! With a roll of burlap ribbon, acrylic paint, and scissors, you can direct your guests wherever need be. Add some country flair to your wedding with banners that hang over the signing board, gift table, photo album, seating chart, dessert table, or whatever station you want clearly labeled.


DIY wedding burlap bunting banner


5. Tablescapes


Setting the foundation of your tablescapes with burlap tablecloths is the obvious answer to incorporating burlap into your wedding theme, but there are plenty of ways to spice things up! Try using a bright colored table runner, like pink lemonade, to really make the color pop! See the picture below from chickabug.com for inspiration on layering the natural elegance of burlap with a dazzling table runner.


DIY burlap tablecloth pink overlay


6. Stenciled Table Runners and Tablecloths


With some acrylic paint and stencils, you can make cute patterns and designs on your table runners! Or, if you’re up to the challenge, make your own stencils by cutting out a design on freezer paper. An incredibly affordable DIY idea, stenciled burlap runners are a great way to customize your wedding linens for décor that is undeniably unique! Look at the picture below by nesofposies-blog for inspiration, and check out this how-to guide on blogher.com!


DIY burlap painted acrylic tablecloth


7. Cake


Okay, I admit, this one is definitely a bit tricky. Unless you happened to be a cake boss who is planning to whip up your own beautiful layer cake for the big day, you might need to contact a professional to bring burlap to your wedding cake.  The cake featured below, created by Jim Smeal, uses burlap to outline a traditional wedding cake for an elegant, appealing cake with a touch of rustic charm!


DIY burlap wedding cake


Have you seen any other DIY wedding projects that call for burlap? Please post them in the comment box below!



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