Design a Purple Wedding Tablescape


Design a Purple Wedding Tablescape

                          In 5 Easy Steps

What images come to mind when you think of spring? Do you think of flowers blossoming to unveil petals colored with unparalleled vibrancy? Do you think of songbirds perched up high, singing sweet melodies? For this new “design a tablescape,” our color palette was inspired by the endless lavender fields of the French region of Provence.


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You can see a variety or purple hues throughout the lavender field above, and we tried to reflect this aesthetic in our choice of tablecloths and other linens. If you’re in love with any color–be it purple, blue, green, or any other–it’s super easy to design a beautiful tablescape that delivers elegance by selecting a variety of complementing shades. For example, if you love the color blue, you could combine navy and turquoise, or stretch the palette further by using three shades of blue: navy, royal blue, and turquoise. For this purple wedding tablescape, we chose to keep it simple and used only two shades of purple: lavender and eggplant. The tablescape would have looked great if we chose eggplant as the primary color and lavender as the secondary, but with the Provençal lavender fields as inspiration, we felt lavender simply had to be the primary color! Ready to start designing?

1) Even the best designs have humble origins! To start, we threw a 120 in. lavender tablecloth over a 60 in. round table for a formal looking full drop. Learn how to shop for round tablecloths by clicking the link for more information on round tablecloth sizing and other useful info.


2) For step 2, we simply draped an eggplant table runner across the diameter of the table. Don’t forget to iron all your linens before use, including tablecloths, table runners, and napkins. Those creases really show!


3) Add plates! Simple white china is super easy to work with for any tablescape, especially if you have a white centerpiece handy. We love the look of classic white china on lavender!


4) Next, we added our flatware, glassware, and eggplant napkins to complement the eggplant runner. For the napkin fold, we went for a simple pyramid napkin fold.


Here’s a detail shot of the place setting:


5) Now it’s time for the grand finale! For this high-drama centerpiece, we spray painted a textured glass vase with special glossy spray paint to make faux-milk glass using a tutorial by The Happier Homemaker. Then we used a purple and white floral arrangement with light up tree branches that we purchased in the decor section of a local superstore. Supporting the centerpiece are two white bowls with some colored stones and white candles. This tablescape is super easy to design and would make a great tablescape for weddings, don’t you think?


And here’s the final presentation photo:



What do you think of this purple wedding tablescape design? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comment box below!