Design a Home Tablescape for Brunch


Design a Home Tablescape for Brunch

                      In 5 easy steps

Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect combination of breakfast and lunchtime food, and it just isn’t brunch if you’re not eating in good company. Brunch is a great time to spend some bonding time with your significant other, girlfriends, or even the whole family (if your kids wake up before noon). It’s super easy to dress up your brunch table with a little bit of linen to make it even more special. We used a beige tablecloth in our tutorial below, but you could probably use white, ivory, or any other tablecloths that would complement your decor and placemats. For the decor, we went for a homey, rustic look, and paired a bronze pitcher with a small vase and simple florals. So, shall we get started?

1) Here’s your blank canvas! For this home tablescape we used a 108 in. round polyester tablecloth in beige.


2) The design for this home tablescape was inspired by our new harvest weave placemats. I love these new placemats because the orange and beige provides the tablescape with a nice, rustic feel that reminds me of autumn. Also, they were practically meant to be paired with beige tablecloths!


3) For the place setting, we used standard white china with beige napkins. You can now see that beige is the primary color we’re working with, as it’s seen in every linen element of the tablescape. The harvest weave placemat carries the beige theme from the tablecloth to the napkin. Like the napkin fold we used? You can learn how to make a simple silverware napkin roll on the Napkin Folding Guide.


Here’s a detail shot of the place setting. We chose to use our elegance hammered napkin rings to complement the bronze pitcher that will be added to the home tablescape in step 5.


4) Step 4 is just a baby step that sets the mood for a brunch tablescape. All we did is add some white coffee cups and saucers to match the plates. After all, what would brunch be without freshly brewed coffee?


5) This is my favorite part–the final details! As mentioned earlier, we used a bronze pitcher and a simple glass vase purchased at the local Goodwill. And don’t forget the fresh flowers!


Here’s a detail shot of the home tablescape in it’s finished state. Now it’s time to bring on the eggs and mimosas!



What do you think of our brunch tablescape? How would you improve our design? Share your opinion below!