New Arrivals: Damask Tablecloths

damask tablecloth color collection

Our new damask tablecloths are in and they’re shining, shimmering, splendid. These 100% genuine damask table linens are made using a complex weaving technique made possible by the jacquard loom. The luxury damask weave means our square-point damask tablecloths have the square-point pattern sewn directly into the fabric.

Damask Tablecloths

damask tablecloths


You’ve been asking for damask linens, so we got them! These damask tablecloths come in a variety of colors including white, ivory, and red. Our damask wedding linens are available in 90, 108, and 120 in. round tablecloths, and 70 x 108 in. and 70 x 120 in. rectangular tablecloths. Why don’t you take a peek at our elegant damask table linens that are anything but lacking in the shine department:





LinenTablecloth is always on the look-out for new products, and we’re very excited to add more and more table linens to our collection!¬†You asked for damask so we got it. Are there other types of table linens you would like to see in our catalog? Post any suggestions in the comment box below!