Damask: Accent Colors for Black and White Damask


Yesterday, our new flocking damask tablecloths arrived! Personally, flocking damask is one of my favorite patterns for weddings and events. Although the pattern varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, flocking damask almost always looks great. Throw it on a bare table and you’ve already got a headstart on creating very elegant tablescape, even without the details. Combined with some china and simple decor, flocking damask is an absolute knock-out, and we’re now offering flocking damask in four color varieties including black, silver, fuchsia, and burgundy.

In the wedding world, accenting flocking damask with bright colors is on the rise. I’ve seen many colors paired with the classic black and white damask like lavender, turquoise, fuchsia, and canary yellow. To celebrate the arrival of our new damask table linens, I set up a small, 4-person tablescape, starting with the classic: a black satin table runner with cloth napkins. I then alternated the colors of the runners and napkins to experiment with the different accent colors.

Check out the accents below and comment with your favorite combo!

Classic Black Details

Black is hardly an accent on black and white flocking damask, but it’s something to consider. Black details create a very formal, sophisticated look with the damask pattern. I think it would work very well for a black-tie event or any other comparable formal occasion.



The table is obviously lacking in the decor/details department because we were focused on the color combos more than anything. I think some white rose petals and small candle holders to offer contrast to the gigantic centerpiece would make the table really look amazing! Do you have any style ideas for this tablescape?


Fuchsia Accents

Fuchsia accents on flocking damask evokes a very different feeling from the black details pictured above. The difference is like…dare I say it? Black and white! The pop of fuchsia really brightens up the tablescape and offers a lively, fun-filled vibe compared to the reserved black details. What do you think?



Charcoal Accents

While adding charcoal accents to black and white damask is similar to the classic black details, charcoal stretches the color palette even further. It’s love in monochrome! I used yellow tulips for the centerpiece, and I think the table would definitely benefit from more yellow accents. The tablescape would truly be complete with yellow-patterned china and some additional canary yellow florals.



Turquoise Accents

Turquoise plays the same role as fuchsia by being a very bright accent, but there is a major difference between the two: while fuchsia is a red or warm color, turquoise is a blue or cool color. In other words, fuchsia communicates energy while turquoise communicates tranquility. When painting the rooms of a house, warm colors are said to make the space feel cozy whereas cool colors make a space feel larger.

It’s all just a matter of preference! Do you prefer warm or cool colors for an event color palette?




Comment below with your favorite color combo, or tell us if there’s a color you wish was included!