Customize Your Wedding Aisle Runner

Wedding aisle runner with border

Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner Personalize Your Wedding Aisle Runner (From Pinterest)


A basic wedding aisle runner is designed to add elegance to any wedding. It is an essential component of wedding venue decorations. At, we offer Satin Aisle Runners in both white and ivory. But, what if this is a little too tame for your taste? There are many ways for do-it-yourself brides to liven up these aisle runners and customize them with a personal touch.


Wedding Aisle Runner (From LinenTablecloth)


Perhaps the most common customization of wedding aisle runners is the addition of flower petals. This decoration upgrade is usually done at the wedding venue itself, often times by a flower girl in the midst of the ceremony. One spin on this upgrade is to use many more flower petals to line the border of the aisle runner before the guests arrive.


Wedding aisle runner with border

Wedding Aisle Runner With Floral Border (From Pinterest)

Another common way to customize your wedding aisle runner is to attach a border of some kind. This can be made of satin, lace, beading, or just about anything your mind can imagine. These types of borders can be added to the aisle runner using glue, pins, or stitching.¬†You can create a design or meaningful lettering out of jewels or rhinestones. A little bit of be-dazzle magic can go a long way. Of course, there’s always the option of printing or stenciling a personal monogram on your wedding aisle runner. You can do it yourself or hire a printing company to do so. Of course, you can use a combination of any or all of these ideas to completely personalize the wedding aisle runner to be used on your big day.

Wedding Aisle Runner Customized Decorated Wedding Aisle Runner (From Pinterest)


Customized Wedding Aisle Runner

Custom Aisle Runner by Customized Wedding Creations