Customer Spotlight – Doug & Trista

The Couple


A few weeks ago, we asked that you submit your proposal story to us for a chance to win a special gift from us here at LinenTablecloth. We received many unique and beautiful stories, and it was very difficult for our team to choose just one to feature in this week’s Customer Spotlight. A special congratulations to Doug and Trista (also known as Boo Bear and Cupcake) for being not only an incredibly adorable couple, but for also winning our hearts with love they both share.

Doug and Trista celebrated their wedding on May 28th, 2016, a day they said was AMAZING – and a statement I’m sure you would agree with should you search #SanfordSoiree on Instagram. Did we mention this couple is notorious for creating unique hashtags used to document their adventures? Hang in there – these two only get more lovable. Doug and Trista hosted an art deco/Gatsby inspired event that featured black and gold as their main colors and blush as an accent. Trista executed her wedding with the help of her mother and her DIY bridechilla attitude.  

Bridechilla · (Noun) · [Pronounced Bride · Chill · Ah]
Used to describe a bride that is both calm and chill… for the most part.

The Story


It all began when the couple met at Meharry Medical College, School of Dentistry. Trista was working there and Doug was attending as a student. When the two were initially introduced, Trista didn’t pay much attention to Doug. It took a second time around for Trista to take notice to Doug, when she met him again at a co-worker’s birthday dinner. Trista says the two didn’t exchange a lot of words at first, but she admired his laid back demeanor and the way he was present without having to be the center of attention.

Doug proposed on July 26th, 2014. The couple had just celebrated their 2 year anniversary apart, as they were traveling to multiple weddings that year, while managing a long distance relationship. Doug had planned a trip to Nashville so that the two could enjoy each other’s company during an “all day date,” as Doug put it. Doug knew Trista would be his wife eventually. He told Trista on their second date he wanted to marry her. He was confident that she would say yes and they would spend their lives together, but also hoped his elaborate proposal would go smoothly.

They began their date with a visit to the Adventure Science Center, and then a few stalling stops, such as CVS and Starbucks to “look at each other,” Doug said. While in Starbucks, Doug insisted him and Trista go to the bridge in downtown Nashville. It was the middle of summer and it was HOT! Trista expressed she was not interested, but after a little more convincing, Doug was able to get her to the bridge.

Once on the bridge, Trista began to pointing out sites but Doug didn’t seem at all interested. Just as Trista was about to say “forget it,” a couple walked up to her and handed her some balloons. The woman said, “these are for you,” and walked away. Trista took the balloons and they continued walking.

A few steps ahead, two young girls approached the couple and handed Trista a bouquet of flowers and a card. Trista began to cry. She thought Doug had planned these special surprises to celebrate their belated anniversary. Just as she thought she had it all figured out, her oldest nephew appeared in front of them and yelled her name. He handed her another card.

Crying even more now, Trista’s family and friends came from behind the beams of the bridge and music began to play. A photographer captured their special moment while Doug pulled out a small box and got down on one knee. He proposed, and between sobs Trista was able to get out a “Yes!” The couple was then greeted by cheers from family, friends, and other people on the bridge.

The Love

We asked the couple what advice they would give lovebirds that are about to embark on the same journey with one another. Here is what they said:


“Be your significant other’s biggest fan! No one should cheer louder than you. Communication is also really important…talk about everything! This will help both people feel important and considered (especially helpful when planning a wedding). Also, go with your gut when planning your wedding. If something doesn’t feel right, say something. If you’re not confident that a vendor is the right fit, find someone else. Lastly, this is about your love for one another. Don’t be blinded by the wedding details and forget that. Have just as much or even more excitement about having a beautiful marriage! It will all work out!”

Thank you Doug and Trista for the great advice, and for also sharing your story with us! We are so inspired by the love these two share and cannot congratulate them enough on their recent wedding. Now they live happily ever after!

happily ever after

Proposal Photography by Andre Rowlett

Engagement Photos by LaToya Nash