Covering Bistro and Pub tables for Weddings and Special Events

Bistro table with flower arrangement

When I think of a bistro table, also known as a pub or bar table, I think of a casually sophisticated cocktail party. Bistro tables act as hub where party goers can congregate, set down their beverage of choice, and strike up a conversation. These set ups usually don’t include chairs and encourages attendees to roam and mingle when they may otherwise feel obligated to sit at assigned seats.  This always adds up to much more fun. So, why not try to incorporate this party dynamic into your next wedding or special event? With a little decoration and accessorizing you can turn any bistro table into a presentation suitable for any wedding or special event.


Bistro Tables Bistro Table Presentation for Wedding or Special Event (From Pinterest)


Bistro tables range in diameter from 24 inches to 36 inches and start at the standard table height of 30 inches up to a height of 42 inches. You can easily glam them up with a tablecloth and accessorize with an overlay and a ribbon or chair cover sash.  The current trend is to “puddle” the tablecloth and cinch it in the middle with a ribbon or chair cover sash.


Bistro table with sash Bistro Table with Sash (From Pinterest)


Bistro tables with sash Bistro Table Presentation with Sashes (From Pinterest)


You can also use other decorations to help cinch the puddled tablecloth look. A flower or floral arrangements are examples of  accessories you can add to this presentation.


Bistro table with flower Bistro Table with Floral Accessory (From Pinterest)


Below is a sizing chart to guide you in selecting the perfect cover for your bar/bistro/pub/cocktail tables.


Bistro table sizing chart Tablecloth Sizing Chart for Bistro Tables (From LinenTablecloth)