How to prepare a palatable palette – combining colors for dynamic distinction

All eyes are on her. She glides gracefully along an aisle runner, seeming to be a part of it, the bouquet bundled tenderly at her breast. She stares forward, grinning, the impending nuptials already racing through her heart. She sees nothing of her guests; not yet, at least. But they see her. And every painstaking effort wrapped into one sumptuous little soirée.

We at LinenTablecloth strive to bring a brilliant array for every atmosphere. We offer twenty-eight color options in a variety of fabrics and products to fit every need. So how do you achieve your dream theme? Color. We are drawn to color. It appeases the soul, creates a mood for your environment. Color can be bold and bewitching, or soft and serene. Partnering colors can seem tricky, but the key is voice. What do you want your colors to say? Your linens should speak for your celebration.

For those who aren’t confident, we’re here to help. You don’t have to go to art school to combine colors. With this guide, we hope to make setting up your wedding as easy as cutting that big beautiful cake.


An ideal first step is choosing a color or two. This color will express your personality as well as your relationship, so it is wise to choose with your partner. From there, a good idea is to play with what you want communicated to the world. Think about the wedding and what you want to see, and try to choose colors to reflect that.

If you have already selected the color scheme you want to exhibit and just want to augment it, we have several solutions to draw the eye and make a lasting impression with a companion color. We can help bring out the focus on what matters most with a wide array of options. From tablecloths to doilies, we have everything to express your vision and accentuate the central part of the service: you.

Engaging in eye opening extravagance is only one option. For those who dream delicately, subtle emphasis can be elegant. Consider a neutral complement that will help enhance your dominant colors. This will work especially well if you do not want to be overbearing. However, opposite colors can be classy when paired with care. For loud, bold coloring, using a smaller amount of a similar color will make the ceremony pop. Red and burgundy make excellent partners. Valley green and sage are gorgeous together. In general colors that look warm will look great with whites, yellows and browns, and cooler colors are stunning with blacks, greens and blues. Or, to make your color really pop, pair a delicate fabric of a dissimilar color with a bold base. The trick here is to keep from blending a giant eyesore. Use a dark opposite and a light opposite to get the most from your linens, like burgundy satin and sage organza to play up the red-green compliment without paying homage to Christmas in the minds of your attendees. If you want to embody a pure, chaste wedding, soft beige and pastel colors are the perfect accessory to white. If you want to keep it clean and traditional with an all-black and white arrangement, mixing fabrics could be exactly what you need. In this way, you can couple several shades of the same color, with each color complementing one another. Different fabrics have different uses and properties. We offer a durable polyester, a sheer organza and a silk-like satin.

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Polyester is a durable, coarse material with a woven texture. It doesn’t reflect much light and maintains a neutral dignity all on its own. Polyester is great for tablecloths, table skirts, chair covers and napkins. This makes it great for crafting a base color and planning around, as it is likely to have a lot of prominence. We also offer placemats and lace table runners in this material.

Organza is a soft, semi-transparent material with a slightly fibrous texture, and often a slight opalescence. Most organza will catch light and encourage gazes. Your company will keep asking about it! We offer sashes, table overlays, table runners, favor bags and rolls of fabric, all in organza. Because of its semi-transparency, this makes for a good complement or secondary color for your displays.

Satin is a soft feeling silky and shimmery material. It has a tendency to capture light and captivate audiences. We offer tablecloths, table overlays, chair covers, sashes, favor bags, ribbon and more in satin. Because satin is solid and catches light, it is perfect to either emphasize your color scheme or develop it as a base color for your theme.

Examples of satin, organza and polyester fabrics.

So now that you’re familiar with the fundamentals, we hope color consistency qualms will be a thing of the past. For those of you wanting to try before buying, please feel free to order a sample sheet. There is no better way to match colors than to actually see them. And we’d love to see your creations once you have them all set!

What does your table dare to wear?