Checkered rectangular tablecloths for picnics, camping and barbecues

I look forward to summer with great anticipation. Imagine a child one week before Christmas! Our state (beautiful Oregon) boasts the most stunning green grasses, trees, and foliage along with an amazing array of colorful blooms and sunshine filled summers that nobody can stay indoors for long–especially after the long months of rain. Folks here really appreciate the short 60-odd days of sunshine we are granted each year. By far, the favorite part of summer is camping, summer barbecues  and picnicking! The season “officially” starts on Memorial Day. Campgrounds and picnic spots typically have 8 or 10 feet heavy duty wooden picnic tables. Covering the often worn-out, splintered picnic tables is easy (and affordable) with our rectangular checkered table covers. Another great option is using checkered linens’ first cousin, gingham tablecloths.


Checkered Table Linens for Events and Weddings photo courtesy of and


At campgrounds or parks, I love covering mismatched tables with rectangle tablecloths. For example, this summer, I look forward to proudly displaying my 60×126 rectangular checkered black and white tablecloth whenever picnicking or camping. Whether a 8 foot or 10 foot picnic table, it covers the entire table and adds just the right combination of “rustic outdoor” and “mom’s kitchen comfort” feel to the meals shared on it. Not to mention, it hides the dirt really well! I love how my table linens cover the whole long table.


Red and White for Outdoor Parties Photo from TableTwentyOne.


With four different color combinations to choose from–black and white, red and white, blue and white, and green and white–you can even color coordinate your tablecloth with your other outdoor gear! Matching checkered napkins will take your picnic over the top! Show your patriotism by pairing a red and white checkered tablecloth with blue and white checkered napkins  (or vice versa). Add a mason jar filled with freshly-picked wildflowers for a rustic elegant touch.  Our polyester checkered tablecloths and napkins launder beautifully and are ready to re-use right out of the dryer and can be used over and over for years to come. On top of that, they never go out of style.