8 Burlap Ribbon Ideas Perfect For The Holidays

A new shipment of burlap ribbon just arrived here at LTC, and we are SO excited about the variety this batch offers!

New Arrivals

Burlap ribbon made it’s debut appearance last summer as one of the most widely used items for wedding decor. This year, it’s predicted to swing back into first place as everyone’s favorite holiday accent. Need help deciding what to do with your new heap of burlap wonder? Try these!

Bow tutorial

The Perfect Bow

Click here to take your shot at the perfect bow tutorial! These bows work perfectly for decorating a mantle, hanging above stockings, adding to a wreath, or placing atop wrapped Christmas gifts! To hang your bow, simply tie a piece of twine to the backside of the bow so that the twine creates a loop.


Burlap Ribbon Trees

These burlap trees are easy to create, and a complete blast to accent. Place them as an addition to a holiday table, or surround them with pumpkins for a more “fall” feeling. Look at what you already have when decorating these trees, you may be surprise at what you have lying around the house.


Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths are always in season. Burlap ribbon is the not only matches your other outdoor decor, but also the changing colors outside too. Need help? Check out our burlap ribbon wreath tutorial here.

decorate the tree

Decorate The Tree

Tinsel garlands can be messy and a fuss to put onto your tree. Go simple! Natural burlap ribbon has a warm color that looks great under Christmas lights!

Burlap Garland

Burlap Garland

The holidays are all about the grand gestures! Decorate your home in a grand way – with a burlap ribbon garland! Great for lofty spaces or rooms with a lot of surface area to cover, these burlap garlands are affordable to make and provide for maximum decorating potential. Check out the how-to here!

Toilet paper pumpkin

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Would you believe that these adorable pumpkins are simply made of burlap ribbon and toilet paper? Try one of our burlap ribbon spools that includes lace for a classy and elegant autumn look! Instructions on how to make these pumpkins can be found here.


Burlap Wrapped Candle

It’s the oldest trick in the book – wrap ribbon around a candle for a gorgeous effect! But did you think to use burlap ribbon? How about adding a pine tree sprig? Or a leaf that boasts the colors of fall?


Spruce Up Your Mailbox

Tis the season! Get out there and show your neighbors just how cheery you are!

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