Burlap and Lace Bohemian Wedding


Burlap and Lace Bohemian Wedding

Today is the official unveiling of our third tablescape by request! The request was sent in by Susan, and she requested a tablescape design featuring a white tablecloth with a burlap and lace overlay. In a previous blog post called “Wedding Inspiration: Burlap and Lace,” I detailed combining burlap and lace with minimal DIYing. My absolute favorite part of making DIY rustic decor is that your decor doesn’t have to be perfect–whether it’s a chip in the paint or a frayed edge, flaws are completely okay and actually make that rustic look more authentic! Essentially, all you need for the rustic elegance of burlap and lace is a burlap linen, a lace roll, and a hot glue gun. Although Susan requested a burlap and lace overlay, I decided to go with a burlap and lace runner because I thought a runner would allow for the white tablecloth to be more visible when complimenting the white lace. All I did to make the burlap and lace runner was to cut a lace roll into lengths and use hot glue to combine the fabric with the burlap runner. Afterwards, I ironed the burlap and lace linen with a towel to avoid scorching the runner and further cement the bond between the two fabrics. What do you think of burlap and lace with a white tablecloth?


In terms of decor, I made some DIY burlap and lace mason jar candle holders with some fake plants including mini-terrariums from Target. Here’s the tablescape grid detailing the decor used:


For the place settings, I thought gold would compliment burlap and lace, so I went ahead and used a set of our brand new gold charger plates. I think charger plates are perfect for tablescape inspiration photos because colored chargers broaden the color palette of the entire tablescape. To make each place setting a little more intricate, I tied a small length of burlap fabric around a bundle of rosemary to match the burlap runner as well as the green in the centerpieces. Adding a small detail for each place setting–whether it’s a simple herb or even a prop like a tiara for a princess theme–creates a more interesting and intricate aesthetic for a tablescape.


Just like the DIY table runner, I made some DIY burlap and lace mason jar candle holders. To do this, I simply hot glued some lengths of burlap and lace around some mason jars of varying sizes to follow the “hills and valleys” tablescaping concept. The idea is that, if you stagger the heights of decor pieces in a tablescape, you increase the functionality of the table as guests will have a much easier time seeing each other from across the table. Also, the tablescape aesthetic becomes more complex with decor varying in height.


I arranged the tablescape so the burlap and lace mason jar candle holders occupied the wings of the table to avoid clustering the table’s center. I thought the plants looked best grouped in the middle of the table, and I made sure to keep this table symmetrical for that look of classic elegance associated with traditional weddings. And there you have it, folks! Below are the final presentation photos of our burlap and lace bohemian wedding tablescape. I hope you liked our tablescape, Susan!





What do you think of our burlap and lace bohemian wedding tablescape? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comment section below! If you would like to make a request for our next tablescape by request, fill out this simple form.