Winter Wedding Inspiration: Black, White, and Gold

Black + White + Gold wedding inspiration board

Black, White, and Gold Wedding Inspiration

Blackwhite, and gold is a fantastic wedding color palette that’s just so amazingly elegant! It’s a slight spin on the glamorous white and gold color combination with the addition of a contemporary edge: black. Incredibly versatile, this color palette can be tailored to perfectly suit your specific taste. Love the look of black and white stripes? Add gold as a finishing accent! Do you find gold and white an irresistible combination? Make it really pop with a subtle black accent!

Black + White + Gold wedding inspiration board

One of the best parts of choosing a tri-tone color scheme for an event is the endless tablescape combinations. Whether it’s black, white, or gold, pick your dominant color for tablecloths and chair covers. Next pick a secondary color for your table runners and napkins. Customize your tri-tone tablescapes exactly how you want it!

Black + White + Gold wedding ideas board  

Rich with elegance and sophistication, black, white, and gold is a great color palette choice for classy brides who want to shine in the limelight. It’s a color combination that is reminiscent of old Hollywood glitz and glam–bright and dazzling but always classy.


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