Winter Wedding Inspiration: Black and White

Black and white polka dot sash

Black and White Wedding Inspiration

Black and white wedding inspiration board


If you’re looking for a wedding color palette with significant contrast, you won’t find any two colors with a greater difference than black and white. Black and white is an elegant and stunning color combination that adheres to the traditional white wedding with a modern touch. With a black and white wedding, brides can still wear the classic all-white gown, or opt for an edgier white dress with black accents. Black jewelry and shoes are incredibly flattering when contrasted with an all white gown.

What does a black and white color scheme mean for your tablescapes? White tablecloths, napkins, and chairs that contrast beautifully with black decor items. Would you like your tablescapes to pop? Try adding a black satin table runner on top of a white polyester tablecloth. Black candle holders and vases shine wonderfully–especially with a black and white bouquet!


black and white wedding bouquet


Chic and classy, a black and white wedding may just be the perfect wedding colors for winter weddings. The high contrast between black and white feels like soft snowfall on a crisp, winter night.


Black and white wedding inspiration board | LinenTablecloth


Strikingly modern and beautiful, black and white tablescapes are very versatile. Perhaps you want to try something different and use black as the dominant color instead of white. Try using black tablecloths with white chair covers and black sashes, or maybe mix things up with black and white polka dot table runners and chair cover sashes.


Black and white chair cover sash


Tailor your wedding colors to suit the look you want for your wedding–it’s your big day. There are a million creative, unique ways to use black and white for your wedding, so don’t be afraid to get creative!


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Credits: Boards 1 and 2 pinned here || Black and white bouquet found on Rebecca’s Silver Rose || Black and white polka dot chair sash by LinenTablecloth