Baseball Themed Wedding Inspiration Board

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, we wanted to share with you an All-American style wedding inspiration. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to knock your wedding out of the park! This theme is perfect for that fun couple that loves the smell of fresh cut grass, enjoys a good hot dog every now and then, and is looking to incorporate one of America’s favorite sports into their special day. When decorating for a baseball themed wedding, try to stay simple – basic red, plain white, and earthy tones, such as the green and brown tones you would find on a baseball diamond. Most importantly, don’t forget to incorporate baseballs as much as possible!


Centerpieces for a baseball themed wedding should always include baseballs – obviously! Baseballs can easily be made elegant by accenting them in buckets filled with grass, or clear vases filled with water and red roses. Use paper straws with a simple pattern to add the subtle tone of baseball threads to your venue. Incorporating chalkboard signs will take your guests back to the days of old scoreboards.

Some other fun ideas include serving sunflower seeds at the bar, or peanuts at the table. Try having guests sign baseballs or a home plate instead of a guestbook. Use place card holders to label each table by “section”, just like guests would be arranged in a baseball stadium.


Follow these guidelines and there is no way you can strike out!

Dear LC | Studio DIY | Style Me Pretty