New Wedding Inspiration Video: Nautical Theme!

With just $20.25 worth of linens, the serene and calming feel of the beach can be recreated with this navy blue and white nautical theme. LinenTablecloth invited Frank Blanchard of Portland, Oregon based La Vie Flowers to make this beautiful wedding linen inspiration video featuring our navy blue and white colors. Using a simple combination of table linens […]

Square Tablecloths

Consider the square tablecloth an often overlooked table linen. While you might not see square tables used prominently at weddings or special events, there are a thousand uses for square linens. Sure, you can just cover a square table, but let us think outside the box. Don’t think of them simply as square table covers. […]

Rectangle Tablecloths

Unless you have a couple extra thousand dollars to spend, chances are the rectangular tables you got for your wedding or special event are not that elegant. Rectangle tables are large and bulky, and often look much cheaper than they actually cost. Luckily, LinenTablecloth has got you covered with our rectangle tablecloths! Add that look […]

Round Tablecloths

What is the most popular table used in weddings, banquets, or other special events?  The round table, of course! Round tables are great because their shape is not only space efficient, but it sets up an atmosphere of equality which subtly urges people to be social and party! King Arthur used a round table for […]