Animal Print Takeover: Leopard Print and Zebra Stripes

Zebra Stripe Runner on top of a pink tablecloth

Animal prints, especially zebra stripes and leopard spots, have been making a huge appearance on bridal style-books lately. Wedding trends have been displaying reception tables wearing these two-toned outfits, either as table overlays or as table runners. You can tell where this design takeover is coming from. From the fashion runway!


Zebra Stripe Runner on top of a pink tablecloth

Keep It Classy. Zebra Stripe table runner as a pink tablecloth accent. (Beautiful Blooms)


Brides must be thinking that if these patterns look good as street-style, they will look great when used to accent the aisle. We’re just talking about the satin sashes’ presence during the ceremony here. Now imagine your venue and wedding table rocking a full animal print couture? It will be a total wedding fashion statement! The way a leopard print overlay outfits the table guides the eye to what you’d want your guests to focus on–elegance. When used with plain tablecloths, the zebra print runners add an eye-catching appeal to any place setting. The result?  A unique brand of glamour that your guests will rave about that they’ll Instagram or tweet about it.


Zebra overlays with red tablecloths

Tastefully Done. Red tablecloths and zebra stripe table overlays. (Glamorous Occasions)


Go ahead, take the bold and daring step of having these safari-inspired patterns into your style mix. Because of their dual-tone scheme, these zebra stripe linens are so versatile when it comes to putting together your base color and accessory line-up. They blend well with any hue.


Zebra Stripes Table Runner on a white tablecloth

Zebra Print and White Tablecloth Elegance (Flicker-Doodles)


Equally fashionable, leopard prints are pretty malleable in the design department as well. When paired with black, white, ivory, beige, silver and other linens in natural colors, this type of animal print hold together all the elements of the style palette.


Leopard Print Table Runners for Autumn Events

A splash of leopard from Amanda Carol at Home


With all the attention that these animal prints are getting, it appears that we’re going to see more zebra stripes and leopard prints in weddings and special events. As always the case, we are very happy here at LinenTablecloth to be able to help you join the trend and express your own take on it.