All White Elegance

All white elegance

Often times, planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. Each detail consumes every bit of time and energy. One of the biggest causes for this is color choice. Choosing to go with a wedding that contains a lot of color, rather than the traditional all white set up, can throw your event planning into a whirlwind. Now, you have to coordinate every detail. Everything must match and coordinate with everything else. When I hear of people that are overwhelmed in this situation, I tell them they need to KISS…Keep It Simple and Sophisticated!


All white elegance Wedding Reception – All White Elegance (From Pinterest)


There is a reason that white is the single best selling color in the event linen collection at LinenTablecloth. White is traditional. It’s pure, it’s simple, yet portrays an understated elegance that can be hard to match with other color schemes. White tablecloths, coupled with white napkins, serve as the base of the traditional white elegance theme.


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The selection of your chairs, and whether or not you choose to cover them, is a very important consideration. If you can procure enough white chairs then you may not need to think about covering them with a chair cover. However, chairs in all white can be hard to come by, especially in bunches. If this is the case you can simply add a white chair cover to each chair. You can also add another layer of elegance to this traditional white theme by adding white chair cover sashes.


White elegance wedding reception White Wedding Elegance (From Pinterest)


If you do feel the need to add some color to this setup, I suggest trying a floral arrangement or centerpiece of some kind. These types of presentations over a white setting can really add some pop to your wedding or special event and is still able to maintain that traditional elegance.


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