A Lovely Brunch!

Brunch time cover photo

A word brought about by an Englishman Guy Beringer, which represents the meal eaten between lunch and breakfast, originally inspired by hangovers, is what?
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That’s right! It is “brunch”  the word originally had two meanings; “brunch” was used if the meal was closer to breakfast, and “blunch” was if the meal is closer to lunch.  Either way, blunch or brunch, we can help make sure your decorations are on point!
tea party blog
We chose to do vibrant colors for this tea party while mixing in pastels with rose gold. This tablescape is sure to wake up your guests for a nice tea party brunch!
tea party tablescape
For the chargers, we chose Rose Gold as it creates a nice contrast between the coral tablecloth, white plates and pastel napkins.

Each place setting had a different colored pastel napkin and it was folded 3 to 4 times then the ends are just tucked underneath the plate.
Napkin fold
Dispersed around the table are pastel colored candles to tone down the brightness of the coral tablecloth which creates a warmer ambiance for your guests.

The center piece was made with what originally was a flower chandelier, which you can learn how to make it on the previous blog post HERE. We placed a beautiful lace runner to make the display a little more rustic yet romantic. In the middle of the flower chandelier we placed a cupcake display for the guests.

Make sure to finish off the table with some small pastel pastries on each place setting. 

Tea Green Napkin Baby Blue Polyester Napkin lace doily lace runner cupcake holder rose gold charger Butter Polyester Napkin white tea lights coral tablecloth