8 Bridesmaid Gifts for any Budget

You chose them to be a part of your big day for a reason. There for you through life’s ups and downs, your besties deserve a little thank you gift for putting up with the bridezilla in you, planning your bachelorette party, and/or bridal shower, helping with the wedding DIY projects late into the night, being dragged from florist to caterer to dress shop, (always with a smile on her face, of course 😉 ); supporting you as you ponder which dress to choose, which cake flavor, which invitations to pick…. and so on. After all the wedding planning is said and done, the last thing you want to think about is trying to find her the perfect gift, so we came up with a list of 8 bridesmaid gifts for any budget to get you started. There are no rules on how much to spend, and of course you cannot put a dollar amount on your friendship or sisterhood, (or “sister-in-law-hood”), but giving a small token of your appreciation for her will mean a lot.

1. Spa Treatment

day at the spa

If you can afford to spend a couple hundred dollars on each, treating your girls to a day-before-the-wedding day at the spa is the absolute perfect gift, especially if you all go together. Getting pampered and primped while sipping champagne in prep for the big day- it doesn’t get better than that.

2. Mani-Pedi

Mani Pedi

If your budget is around $50-$75 per gal, a mani-pedi is another perfect gift that is fun as a group outing for the day before. Your gals will have picture perfect hands and feet for the wedding day!

3. The essential Bridesmaid Tote

If your budget is less than $50 for each bridesmaid, the next 6 items can be mixed and matched. With all all under $20, many under $10, start with your favorite Bridesmaids Wedding Tote. Fill with all or some of the following: earrings, a clutch, a hair accessory, getting ready robe, wine, and chocolate.  Even by itself, our totes are an excellent gift for bridesmaids to carry essentials for the big day.

4. A Clutch/Handbag

Perfect for carrying her essentials while mingling throughout the wedding day, (keys, lipgloss, chapstick, phone, and other neccessities),  these handbags are the perfect size and come in many colors to match her dress.

5. Getting Ready Robe

Give each girl her own silky kimono robe in a different color, perfect for doing her hair and makeup on the big day.

6. Earrings

Affordable, elegant, and the perfect compliment to wedding attire, you can afford to throw in a pair of earrings for each member of the bridal party.

7. Fashion Hair Accessory

Exquisite Hair Accessories are a beautiful addition to bridesmaids hair, whether wearing an up-do or down, and with short or long hair.

8. Wine and/or Chocolate

Wine and Chocolate

Lastly,  a nice bottle of wine and/or some good quality chocolate is a gift just about any girl would love.  And once the big day is over, she will be ready to put her feet up and relax with a treat!