5 Tips on Being a Good Host

Adding your own special spin on tradition can be an exciting and creative way to make your wedding both personal and unique. Having a barnyard wedding with your bridesmaids dressed as cowgirls? Terrific! Wearing a rainbow wedding dress for your whimsical wedding? Fantastic! It’s okay to break tradition as long as you do so in a tasteful way, but there is one thing should never change: showing your guests some common courtesy. Here are 5 tips to ensure you both present yourself well and show your guests a good time:


1. The “break” period between the end of the ceremony and reception shouldn’t be any longer than an hour.

After sitting at the ceremony in silence for however long, your guests will not want to wait longer than an hour for the reception to begin. Your guests will have  just watched you smooch your, that’s right, husband (congratulations btw) in front of God and everyone, and your guests will want to move quickly from the mushy stuff to the open bar ASAP.


wedding ceremony humor


Leaving your guests hanging in their fancy dresses for too long is not just boring to them, it’s a waste of time–they’re attending your wedding to be merry and celebrate, not to see their watches tick the night away. If you must have a lengthy break between ceremony and reception, you may want to consider a cocktail hour or brunch.


2. Keep it classy.

Your wedding should be a time of joviality, a time to cut loose and kick back–just don’t cut too loose. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and have a few too many, so make sure you don’t go overboard. Winding up trashed at your own wedding is not very classy, and it won’t make a good impression on your guests. Tipsy and lighthearted is great, but sloppy and out of control is probably not how you want to present yourself around your family. Get it out of your system at the bachelorette party so you don’t wind up telling Aunt Judy too many details about what you and your husband have in store for the honeymoon.


Drunk bride


3. Be a proper host.

Greet attendees in a polite, courteous manner, even if you don’t know them! It’s your wedding after all, you should try to acknowledge everyone present–even if it’s just a smile. If you’re throwing a large, grandiose wedding it may be impossible to give each guest the individual attention deserved, so don’t drive yourself crazy if engaging in small talk with every single guest will detract from you enjoying your own wedding.


4. Summarize the story of your romance.

Your wedding is about you and your partner’s love for each other, but nobody wants to hear the novel of your romance read aloud. Painfully long speeches, slideshows detailing every minute of time spent with your partner, and other lengthy anecdotes will bore your guests to tears. It’s your big day and of course you should share photos and makes toasts, but keep things light and fun! Your guests are there to support your marriage and enjoy themselves.


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5. Weddiquette: make your wedding physically accessible.

Inviting someone…older? Don’t force your 85-year old grandmother to ascend 5 staircases with her walker. Is the wedding outdoors? Be sure to clearly indicate possible fashion hazards–your guests will never forgive you if their dresses snag on an unmarked thorn bush during your super cool forest theme wedding. Weddings should be handicap accessible, especially if you know a select few guests will have trouble navigating certain terrains.


fashion hazard


Have any other tips for being a good host? Post them in the comment box below!



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