2018 Wedding Trends

The 2017 wedding season has come and gone. As we wrap up the year, we are left wondering what trends the 2018 wedding season will bring. Fashion and wedding bloggers are already churning out their predictions of what next years’ weddings will look like. We have sifted through the dos and don’ts and have compiled a list of the top 10 trends that may inspire your wedding; so here we go!

  1. Unique invitations are phasing out traditional and very formal script based invites. Couples are exploring different ways to beckon guests to celebrate their special day. Some have used pop-ups, unfold-able cards, puzzle pieces, elaborate die cuts, infographics and many more creative ideas. 

  2. Navy Blue is replacing black as a neutral shade in overall wedding color schemes. Couples are not only using this deep blue in their invitations and decor, but also as bridesmaid dresses.
  3. Marble, copper and metallics are commonly used as accents. Recently, rose gold dominated as the main accent color in many weddings. With 1970’s decor making a comeback, marble, copper and metallics will be prevalent in many weddings.
  4. Dangling decor will dazzle. Hanging flower arrangements, elegant garlands and suspended exposed Edison bulbs are taking over; keeping guest tables simple and uncluttered.
  5. Couples are making their receptions more interactive. Guests are entertained by participating in open photo booths with many props, games, food ideas and the like. 

  6. Four legged friends. Although it may seem unusual, there is a steady rise in animal presence at weddings. People are toting around bunnies, donkeys and even llamas at their weddings.
  7. Newlyweds are beginning to shy away from traditional wedding cakes and moving towards dessert tables. Doughnut towers have been quite popular along with other delectable desserts, making a cheaper alternative. 

  8. Mixing rustic pieces with sophisticated glam accents. Natural woods, organic floral patterns and wild bouquets against glass vases, tea candles and metallic accessories create an aesthetically pleasing, woodsy vibe. 

  9. Getting social. There’s no arguing that social media has a huge part in almost any event. In the last few years, we have seen plenty of couples encouraging their guests to use hashtags for photos taken at their wedding. While hashtags are still used, very specific hashtags are being used to distinguish the newlyweds from 50+ other couples who have the same last name and perhaps may have gotten married in the same year. Custom Snapchat filters are also on the rise. 

  10. Food Fun. Conventional sit-down dinners are being replaced with more interactive options. Couples have had food trucks, stations that allow guests to graze, or a food experience that enables visitors to participate in making their own meal. Whatever the dining style, many newlyweds have expressed that they want their food to be presented in a way that radiates elegance.

Today’s couples are very much interested in showing their guests the effort put forth into planning their wedding. It may be their special day, but they are sharing the experience with all in attendance as well. The trends mentioned above play a vital part in making it a memorable day to everyone that comes to celebrate!