Linen Care Instructions Infographic

It can be difficult to know how to care for linens depending on the material you have purchased. Everyone at some point in their life has that laundry whoopsie and wishes they would have read the care instructions more closely. The below guide offers comprehensive instructions and guidelines to help keep your linens perfect for use time, […]

The Sweet Land of Liberty: A Guest Blog by Sweet Jelly Parties

We love when event planners use our linens. We love even more when those event planners are glitter enthusiasts, have a keen attention to detail, and are label themselves as “Partynista[s]”. Sweet Jelly Parties offers an impressive party gallery on their website. From children’s birthday parties to baby showers, they leave no idea undiscovered. SJP personalizes events […]

Free Wishing Tree Printable

What Is A Wishing Tree The wishing tree is a unique twist on the traditional wedding guestbook. Wishing trees are popular among wedding guests, and offer an interactive element that keeps guests engaged from the very start of your wedding. Place the wishing tree at the entrance of your ceremony or at your reception (or both!) and […]