15 Ways to Use Giant Balloons in your Wedding

Balloons have been used at weddings and events for many years, but GIANT BALLOONS are quickly becoming the hot new trend. Balloons are inexpensive and can add a fun vibe to your decor as is. You can even fancy them up with tissue paper or ribbons to make an even bigger statement! Here are 15 different ways to incorporate GIANT BALLOONS into your wedding and put a modern spin on these old classics.

1. Paint ‘Em

DIY Gold Dipped Balloons | LinenTablecloth Blog

Gold Dipped Balloon | Balloon Time

2. Or Glitter ‘Em

DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons

Confetti Dipped Balloon | Studio DIY

3. Line Your Aisle

Aisle Balloons | LinenTablecloth Blog

Balloon Aisle | Linda Chaja Photography

4. Show Your Guests the Way

Road Sign | LinenTablecloth Blog

5. For Your Flower Girl

Flower Girl | LinenTablecloth Blog

Flower Girls | Thompson Photography Group

6. Photo Booth Backdrop

Photo Booth Backdrop | LinenTablecloth Blog

Photo Booth Backdrop | Green Wedding Shoes

Photo Booth | LinenTablecloth Blog

Photo Booth Backdrop | 100 Layer Cake

7. Transform Them Entirely

Lace Balloon | LinenTablecloth Blog

Lace Balloon | DosFamily

8. Wrap Them Up

Tulle Balloon| LinenTablecloth Blog

Wrapped Tulle Balloon | Sweet Society

9. Seating Chart

Balloon Seating Chart | LinenTablecloth Blog

Balloon Seating Chart | Green Wedding Shoes

10. Tie Them Down With Ribbon

Ribbon Balloon | LinenTablecloth Blog

Ribbon Balloon Ties | Camille Styles

11. Or Tassels

Balloon Fringe | LinenTablecloth Blog

Balloon Fringe | The Alison Show

12. Or Even Garlands

Balloon Garland | LinenTablecloth Blog

Balloon Garland | Holy Matrimony!

13. Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop | LinenTablecloth Blog

Ceremony Backdrop | Green Wedding Shoes

14. Use Them As Signage

Balloon Signage

Balloon Signage | 100 Layer Cake

15. Decorate Your Reception

Balloon Reception Decor | LinenTablecloth Blog

Balloon Reception Decor | Wedding Directory

16. Send Off In Style

Balloon Car | LinenTablecloth Blog

Balloon Send Off | Style Me Pretty

There are endless ways to use balloons at you wedding. Show us what you come up with!