VIDEO: 120-inch Round Polyester Tablecloth

There are many reasons why 120-inch round polyester tablecloths have become a top pick among wedding professionals, hotels, cafes and restaurants when they’re looking for round table covers for wedding events or daily use at coffee shops or restaurants., through this video will show you why. We will focus not just on the polyester tablecloth’s durability part, but we will also touch the aesthetics side.

Video Transcription: 120-inch Round Polyester Tablecloth

“Hello, I’m Elisa, a customer service rep here at Behind me is one of our 120-inch round polyester tablecloths.

120-inch round tablecloths have displaced 90-inch rounds as the most popular size in recent years, the reason being that a 120-inch round will fully drape the most common table used in reception and banquet centers: a 60-inch round table.

It is made of heavy-weight woven polyester, which is very durable, wrinkle and stain resistant fabric. Woven polyester is the preferred cloth chosen by fine-dining professionals and do-it-yourself-ers alike.

A 120-inch round tablecloth will drop all the way to the floor on a standard 30-inch height, 60-inch round table. It can be combined with other table linens like a table runner or an overlay to produce an impressive, look of elegance.

And our 120-inch round tablecloths are seamless – made from a single piece of cloth and are available in 27 different colors.

So from a black and pumpkin halloween party to a pink and baby blue shower, we’ve got your table linens covered!”