12 Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Set a Beautiful Table

We’ve compiled 12 Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Set a Beautiful Table- just in case this important detail slipped your mind. After the menu is planned, guests invited, shopping lists created, and all that is left is the shopping and cooking, we often overlook what arguably may be the star of the table (besides the bird)-until it’s time to set the table. If you plan your centerpiece ahead of time you won’t be scrambling to throw something together while the gravy is burning and the potatoes are turning to mush.  Gather some inspiration, experiment with some simple ideas to set a gorgeous Thanksgiving table.

If you are slightly craft-challenged (count me in), this centerpiece made of candle lanterns, a few pine cones, and some burlap ribbon wrapped votive holders, is quick and easy to throw on the table. The simple elegance of this candle-lit setting will invite a relaxing ambiance to your table. Complete the look with a damask tablecloth and classic cloth dinner napkins like our Beige Single Stripe Cotton Napkins 4/pack.

Simply candles, foliage, and apples down the center of the table creates a fresh organic vibe. Understated yet elegant, this is a centerpiece even the little ones can help with.

Ideal for painting, glittering, and embellishing, white pumpkins not only blend with any color scheme, but add a refined look to fall decorating. Wood planks topped with pumpkins, foliage, fruit, gourds, berries, candles, and more create a stunning table runner/centerpiece. Try pairing with a rustic jute table runner. Click here for a free printable from Ella Claire, to create custom tags for your centerpiece pumpkins.

Again, a rustic wood plank makes a perfect table runner/centerpiece combo. Adding your own special touches like candles, gourds, fruit, greenery, pumpkins, and other natural items make it a captivating dinner conversation piece.

Although it may seem a little over the top and impractical to have a log down the center of your Thanksgiving dinner table, it not only adds a fall rustic vibe, but is also a great conversation starter. Obviously, this one is best when you serve dinner buffet style rather than family style. A burlap table runner underneath will not only to protect the table but to define the space and polish the rustic vibe.  Learn how to make this DIY Log Centerpiece by Jenna Burger.

Another simple idea that can be replicated with just a few glass hurricane candle holders, various whole nuts such as almonds and acorns, and some fresh or artificial twigs and branches. Place it all on top of an autumn table runner in vibrant fall colors, and add a few votive candle holders.

A shallow rustic wooden planter or box filled with gourds, pine cones, apples, leaves, candles, pumpkins, nuts, and moss creates a bountiful harvest in the form of a centerpiece. Serving Thanksgiving dinner buffet-style will let this charming centerpiece be the star of the table.

Incorporating Indian corn, rustic jute twine, and a beautiful white pillar candle delivers this charming fall harvest centerpiece, perfect for a Thanksgiving table. Pair with a jute table runner, burgundy napkins, and Shimmer Burlap Placemats Rosewood, for the finished touch. Learn how to DIY an Indian Corn Centerpiece from Eddie Ross .

This fun interactive centerpiece idea is perfect for a large gathering around the table. Guests can write their messages on the pre-cut paper leaves while waiting for dinner to be served. Learn how to make this simple DIY Thankful Tree from Lia Griffith. Substituting a Manzanita Tree for the vase and branches would simplify it even more. Jute twine is perfect for hanging the leaves.


This fall trend carried over to this year, and for obvious reasons. Pairing a hollowed-out pumpkin with either fresh or artificial flowers or succulents creates a charming accent for Thanksgiving or all season long. Learn how it’s done by the best, Martha Stewart- here.

Adding tall  elegant centerpieces allows more space on the table for the important things- the food! This Thanksgiving Topiary is created using a vase with floral foam and various fall sprays, found at any craft store. Be sure to choose a vase that has a solid, weighted base, to avoid it becoming top-heavy and toppling over. To create a rustic-chic vibe as shown here, pair with burlap table runners, 20 in. Satin Band Cotton Napkins Beige, and add some wood slabs (which incidentally also make great trivets!)

DIY pumpkins any way you like! Paint them, glitter them, write messages on them, and then arrange them on the table for a whimsical centerpiece. See how to make White Personalized Pumpkins from Home Based Mom plus other fun ideas.

For more pumpkin inspiration, see our blog post Our Favorite Pumpkin DIY Projects.